Hope For Darfur Education For Genocide Prevention

Education is a key to the prosperity and development of every generation.

What is the problem

From 2002-2003, the Government of Sudan began a genocidal campaign in Darfur causing over 300,000 civilian deaths. This resulted in mass displacement as more than 3 million Darfuris, mostly women and children, have been unable to return to their homes. Over 60% of children are of school age yet do not have access to education. Without proper education this population will remain marginalized and have a hindered ability to participate in resolving future crises, allowing the violence to continue.

How will this project solve the problem?
By providing a year's education for 500 internally displaced Darfuri children, our project is directly responding to one of the most pressing needs and the major root cause of the crises in Darfur. By responding directly, our project will help resolve one of the most pressing needs in the camps today: primary education. Education is a key to the prosperity and development of every generation.

Potential Long Term Impact
Our long term goal for this project is to empower the affected communities through education in order to give them the knowledge and skills that enable them to effectively participate in the peaceful transformation of their society. By becoming equal members of the Sudanese society and working with their counterparts, they can bring sustainable peace and development to the region. This will, in turn, unite a divided nation and prevent future genocides.

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